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December 07, 2009



That goat cheese sounds amazing, I'll make a point to check it out. Being a cheese fan, you might also want to check out the chevre that Monarch Farms ( introduced this year, a lemon herb blend that is unbelievably good.

Holly Knott

OMG, this looks heavenly. Will be sure to look for this. Thanks so much for posting all that you do - I love your blog!

Cheryl Parris

maple-chipotle goat cheese? This is why I miss hanging out with you. I would never THINK of this combo!

Jennifer BB

BerryBird--thanks for reminding me of the Monarch Farm cheese--it is delicious too--I tried it this summer and loved it.

Holly--thanks for the "blog love"!

Cheryl, I miss hanging out with you too. We'll have to explore some great food when I get down to Savannah sometime.

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