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January 05, 2010



I think we should talk about espresso. I'm sure I can help you out. What kind of machine ARE you pulling shots on?

Also, Funk 'n Waffles serves and sells Gimme! and they definitely pull better shots than Second Story.

P Dub

I love Second Story for food and drip coffee, but Barber is correct, they need some lessons and a machine tweak on pulling a good espresso. The FnW guys do it much better, and if the espresso machine is working at Sugar Pearl they do a good job. Freedom, also which I love, pulls horrible espresso, really if you want to taste a great espresso in this town, the new owner of Water St. cafe does it the best by far, go figure, he is from NYC!

Jennifer BB

Hey Mark, thanks for all the good coffee help and the excellent beans! I'll need to upload some photos of my Rancilio Silvia later this week. And I'll be checking out Funk 'n Waffles for coffee very soon.

P Dub--thanks for commenting and letting me know about Water Street Cafe. I haven't been in there in forever. I ran by today but they were closed--will check them out this week as well.

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