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February 05, 2010



that butternut squash oil looks amazing.

I recently came across your blog, and think it's great. I enjoy connecting with fellow upstate NY bloggers!

Neil Miller

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the heads up on the Stonybrook Butternut Squash Seed Oil, I'll be making a special trip to the Syracuse Real Food Co-op to pick some up. Do you think it would make a good dipping oil? The Stage Left Cafe in New Brunswick, NJ which I worked at while in graduate school, used to serve an imported pumpkinseed dipping oil that was amazing, and I've never found anything like it since then.

Thanks too for mentioning, you're the best.



What a lovely photo of you on StressingtheVine!

As far as exciting taste sensations go I'm still obsessing about the smoked sour cherries I had on a seared duck breast at Phoebe's Tuesday evening before the play. They were amazing and now I'm dying to know where they come from...

wine blog

Butternut squash seed oil, that sounds good. Does it taste anything like the butterneu squash? If it does then it must be delicious! Great food blog, found you on the foodblog blog. Cheers~


Hello Jennifer, I wanted to thank you for your mention of our squash seed oil – we had a customer tell us about it and we wanted to let you know! We are a small company and just getting ourselves established, so much appreciated! You have a warm and insightful blog that celebrates the great culinary diversity of our region –well done and thanks again!


Looks fantastic! Would love to get down to Circa sometime, as well as Red and White. Sounds delicious.

Margaret McCormick

Hi, Jennifer --

Lots of local foods and local places blowing my mind these days... but another foodie thing blowing mind is the Spanish blue cheese I picked up at Blue Danube Gourmet in Skaneateles ( . It is so incredibly delicious (if you happen to be a blue cheese lover) and I am going to run out of it very soon. The shop is relatively new, carries cheeses from around the world, breads made at Mirbeau and some local products, including Better Than Brittle and some things by Organically Hip. The owners, Erica and Lorand, partner with the Sherwood Inn on a cheese plate offered on the menu.

I need to post about Blue Danube at my food blog (

I hope you are doing well with your work and in your new home/neighborhood.


--Margaret McCormick

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