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March 03, 2010


Pat Steer (Gaelen)

Oh, Jennifer - I'm so sorry. Losing a journal is not an easy thing. But to have one stolen? That's just wrong, on a visceral level. I hope that perhaps it turns up, and is given back to you. Be well.

emily hollywood

That's so horrible. I once had my wallet stolen from church, along with my camera and about 10 rolls of film I had just taken at my friend's wedding. It was so sad. The personal stuff is worse, I knew the film just ended up in the trash.


Of course I hope that your property is returned intact. But your note reminded me of something I meant to report to you.

We were across the North Sea in Hamburg and Wismar last weekend (lots of delicious fish, including stunning €3 sandwiches with huge slabs of smoked halibut, salad and tartare sauce), and the posh stationers in the same building as our Hamburg hotel (the Renaissance, once an independent printworks) had the new Moleskine Passions - yours of 2 December 2009 refers. I looked at them, thinking of you, but I must say that I was disappointed with the recipe version. There simply isn't enough space to do more than jot down the basics: certainly no room for extempore musings such as "try with fennel, but substitute blood orange for the lemon in that case" and then to report on the variation later. Interestingly, Mary gave them the thumbs-down too, but for other reasons (she'd want to note the source of the recipes she's tried and liked: with 1200+ cookbooks in the house, you can see why). The wine history notebook seems to work better: perhaps I need a meals-out book rather than a meals-cooked book to go with it! And at $20/€17/£16, a lot more than I could pay for catch-the-moment jottings. After all, when I'm actually cooking, I'm probably closer to my keyboard than to my Moleskines.


Sorry to hear that.

While I have not found your wallet I am happy to say that I have found you. You really have the skinny on whats available locally.

I live in Rochester and have a blog, Loris Lipsmacking Goodness. I am always on the lookout for great new food finds. The mroe locally I eat, the better.

Thanks for all the info and I usre hope your wallet is returned. Who knows maybe someone needed those prayers of yours.

healthy kitchen

That's bad, Did someone give it back to you?

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