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March 01, 2010


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My husband and I attended a wedding at the Hotel Syracuse this past weekend.
Although the happy couple seemed to be having a nice time dancing, the hotel it self was crumbling around us. This once grand hotel, is now being used as a shabby party hall, with most of the rooms and many floors closed off, walking in to the place you get the impression they just opened it up for the first time in years. The air is thick and musty like an old basement. I could actually see the black mold on the walls, and in the corners, cob webs we're hanging everywhere. And rodent droppings we're in the bathrooms and corridors. I decided to walk right into the kitchen, and found it to be absolutely disgusting. I could not believe the health department would allow any cooking to be going on in that rat infested place.
Leaving the kitchen through the hall there was garbage and old bones actually lying on the floor. The walls that we're once gleaming were filthy,
I could not touch my meal I was too grossed out.
Sitting there I notice the walls needed painting, I realize that’s an big expense. If not possible at least wash them. They looked as if from former parties things had gotten splattered all over them coffee wine and such. This happens but it is normally cleaned up, dirt and dust everywhere. About half way through the evening some of the guests started complaining of feeling faint, Now it was cool out maybe 59 degrees that night, It wasn't really hot but the air quality was so bad, people tried opening the windows, just to find out they were nailed shut, people had no choice but to leave. As we were getting up, one woman actually fainted. I found out later, the singer from the band had to leave to get air as well. Way someone would have a wedding there is beyond me, the place is not suited for people to occupy. Not to mention the risky rataling elevators. Especially on the 10Th floor, Yiks! With no ventilation and windows that don't open.
What a shame to let such a beautiful old building go to the rats!

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