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June 22, 2010



Even though I don't live in Syracuse anymore, my parents still do, and I'm excited to tell them that Green Planet Grocery opened! I was saddened to hear that a Five Guys hamburger joint recently opened in Fairmount. I'm hoping Green Planet Grocery will draw a bigger crowd :-)


Headed that way to stock up next week!
I think I could spend a few delightful hours in there!


Visited Green Planet two days in a row this week and they're fantastic! I love that I can get Mu Mu and Flour City pasta any day of the week! Their kale is super fresh too. Hoping I can get them to carry La Tortilla factory tortillas!

Syracuse Shelly

I went on Friday and was so glad to see how large it was. Great selection and yep - the bulk section is to die for! I was able to get about 3/4 of my regular grocery list there - much more than I expected! And oh my goodness I'm definitely going to have to explore their goody section :-)


Wow! Thank you very much for the past two posts. As a Southwest Syracuse resident, it is absolutely wonderful to see these businesses in our area. I appreciate your diligence in keeping us informed, so that we can shop at these businesses and keep them here. Keep up the great work!

Jadie Griggs

Oh wow! I wish I lived in Syracuse. That's impressive!

maryann dalessio

They also have an amazing variety of gluten free foods. They carry brands that other stores do not, and are anxious to help in any way they can. A real plus for us, we live in Camillus!

Holly Knott

Looks great, much larger than what it appears to be from the outside. Can't wait to check out all the flours! Thanks for sharing interior photos and the story.

Dexter Ray Knox

I think my mom has one of these by her house, they are pretty great to shop at!

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