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August 31, 2010


Katie Didit

Mother's Cupboard is fabulous. It's one of the first places my boyfriend took me to when he moved here. He knew if he was ever going to get me to relocate with him he'd have to feed me giant pancakes :) I've never had the fritatta (wayyyy too big!), but the pancakes and homefries, which only come in 1/2 pound increments, are delicious!

Mark B.

I've been there. The food is decent, but nothing gourmet. Good for the hungry morning belly or for the comfort food craving.

I know someone who ate the whole frittata and well, felt a little ill afterwards. He wanted to eat again in an hour and a half, but then upon trying failed to eat much. I guess that thing sits heavy.

Chris Michel

I tried the frittata — foolishly enough, I asked them to add sausage gravy on top, which they did. I finished just under half of it, which was still filling enough to make my eyes water.

Mother’s Cupboard is great — It’s a diner, so you should expect greasy-spoon style food. But they cook it right in front of you, everything is tasty as can be, and it’s fast, friendly and cheap. If you’re looking for a little staple food, you can’t go wrong. Of course, I doubt that much of it is local, organic, or the like.


Love Mothers for breakfast! Everything is good.

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