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August 24, 2010


Holly Knott

I don't understand why we need to purchase products like this from distant states, either, if we have them growing locally. Wouldn't the prices go down if they don't have to roll shipping costs into the equation? BTW, I think I saw you at B&N in DeWitt yesterday! I recognized you from "somewhere" but wasn't sure, and it was only after you left that I realized I recognized you from your blog photo here even tho we've never met in person. (Unless that wasn't you, and you have a twin!) :-)


Hi Holly--no twin--that was me! Hopefully we'll get a chance to say hello next time!


I'm curious where to get the best local eggs. I've gotten them once or twice at the CNY regional market but I'm partial to Stick and Stone farm at the Ithaca market. Consistently fantastic eggs.

Jennifer BB

Ah yes, Stick and Stone is a great farm. Around the parts, we're partial to Two Hearts Farm eggs which can be found at the Syracuse Real Food Co-op. But other farms such as Creekside Meadows farm has eggs--you can pick them up at Stones Throw Farm in South Onondaga. Wendy Gornick has great eggs at the Regional Market as does Finger Lakes Family Farms. Green Planet Grocery carries local eggs as well. Hope that helps!


Jennifer, as various recalls come and go, I'm always heartened to see that "whatever it is" is something we tend to purchase from a local farm (or in a very cases, grow ourselves). You're correct that even a local farmer can run into quality problems, but you'll also very correct that getting down to the root cause would be much easier than figuring out these behemoth food "manufacturers".

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