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October 05, 2010


Nike Shox NZ

You are right. I am agree with you. Your blog lead people to right direction. After reading your blog I konw much thing ,For example I konw how to get well to other peoples,and now I have a lot of good friends and we help each other ,thank you very much .......

sarah mcilvain

Kale, no; homemade marshmellows are great!

It's election time: what do our cnadidates know about the food system?


I saw him last night too! Love all his books!


Jennifer, please accept my congratulations for the beautiful work that is edible Finger Lakes and pass them along to your colleagues. I went to the website recently and was delighted to see that a gorgeous digital version is now available too.

Busy weekend! I didn't know about the doings at Wyllie Fox but we've planned a full day of the cheese trail (with a few wineries of course) so I'm going to miss it.


I followed your tweets last night and was so envious. Thanks so much for the recap. He makes so many good points --gah, even if they make me realize I'm a total nutritional and ecological mess.

Makes me want to do better.


The Pollan lecture was awesome! I don't get out much to evening events with a small child at home, but I made special arrangements to be able to attend this one. He did not disappoint! And the latest edition of Edible Fingerlakes looks great - I think I actually squealed when handed a copy with the program last night.

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I agree. Healthy living starts with a healthy balanced meal. Try avoiding fast foods as much as possible.

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