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November 03, 2010


Ashley G.

Hello! When I saw your post this morning I got so excited! I went to Harvest Fest last year and loved it, so would love to go again this year! I'm looking forward to eating as much local produce this winter as freezer is full of locally grown eggplant, squash, zuccini, berries, and more! I also made some freezer jam from local produce which I can't wait to pull out in the middle of winter! Love your blog BTW!


I'm also looking forward to keeping Pride of NY alive and well all winter long. I've frozen several local fruits and vegetables over the summer, and will look to year-round farm markets, co-ops, and Wegmans for high quality local goods.


I would love to attend this event!
We will definitely be eating locally this winter. We just bought a portion of a cow from Drover Hill Farms - the freezer is stocked! I also spent much of the previous few months canning, and making soups/jams etc. with the overabundance of produce from our gardens. Looking forward to eating well this winter, not to mention saving money at the grocery store!!

Shannon Morehouse

Hi Jen! Love reading your blog! Brent and I have been eating 80-90 % sustainably since the summer and my goal is to keep this up despite the winter. How will I do this? My herb plants have moved from outdoors to indoors. I could eat roasted root veggies all winter long but that's boring; we're lucky to have many farms that still grow lettuce varieties in the winter..Thank you Fingerlakes Fresh! I have canned some yummy tomatoes. And local eggs are a great staple. With the regional market, we are blessed to have easy access to local meat, dairy, fruit, and veggies. Thank you for your awesome blog! Sorry you have to miss this great event!


I'll be frequenting the farmer's market and Green Planet Grocery to help make choosing local foods easy. I also make it a point to choose local restaurants when dining out instead of the big chains. Thank you for the great blog -- it's a fantastic guide to eating and buying locally in CNY and I really appreciate it!

Julie Hoke

I love your blog...helps keep me up with all of the happenings in Syracuse!

I plan to eat all of the fruit and veggies I've frozen to try to eat locally, but I have to admit....winter is so hard for me! I love citris fruits and crave them all summer. So I just try to eat as many other local things as possible!



I've also put up a lot of local produce from the summer and plan on filling out as many meals as possible from the regional market. A friend and I have a 'competition' to see who can come up with the best recipe using local produce each week. We are going to keep it up all winter in hopes that we can maintain our locovore passion!

Heather McCoy

What a great giveaway! Pick me pick me!
I spent much of the summer canning, freezing, pickling and putting away as much of my goodies as I could. I plan to hit the regional market and the Ithaca Farmers market runs through November I believe. My husband works at the co op so we'll supplement what local goodness they get.
Happy eating!


I can't express enough about how my health has changed simply by eating Pride of NY local grown foods. Not to mention how wonderful all the fruits, veggies, and grass fed meats really taste! Both my wife and I are huge supporters and would love to see this event and our farmers grow and grow. Many thanks!

Sarah F

This year, we bought our first home and got married. My hope is that over the winter I will be able to put together the salad tables I have envisioned and produce my own produce. Ha!
I also want to get down to Sparky's and the farmer's market more often.


We are so fortunate in this area to have such a great year-round farmers' market. I'll keep buying as much as I can there, but I admit that the winter is much harder than the summer and early fall.


My husband and I will continue to go to the regional market as much as possible this winter. We bring our 18 month old son so he can learn from an early age how much fun the regional market is! We also canned pickles this summer so we'll be enjoying those over the winter. I love your blog and have discovered so many local food sources through it.


I'd also love to go to the Pride of NY Harvest Fest. I'll eat locally as much as possible. Freezing my own tomato sauce and herbs helps, since I love Italian food. And there's the Regional Market until Christmas. And let's not forget local wine. I have a bottle of Anyela's Chardonnay I'm saving for Thanksgiving.



Thanks for the giveaway! I plan on continuing to buy my eggs from Cobblestone Valley Farm and shopping at the Regional Market and Green Planet as much as possible! I'll still drive down to Ithaca to shop at their farmers market as well on Saturdays!

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