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December 24, 2010



Congrats! What a wonderful Christmas gift!


Congratulations!! I just found your site, so I will busy myself with the archived posts while you get to know your little baby boy.

Pat Steer, Syracuse Food

Jennifer, what a wonderful way to look at the world - through the new eyes of a baby. Congratulations. ;)


Happy new year to you and each of your readers!


Congratulations! So wonderful!

Heather B

What wonderful news on the arrival of sweet Timothy! Congratulations! How exciting that the next generation of Syracuse foodies continues to grow . . .

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Wow! Congrats!

BTW the Tomoto Relish recipe I mentioned is at Rather than mustard seeds, I used dried mustard. If made just under three quarts. It is so good, that next summer I plan on making a lot more!


Congratulations! Hunker down and savor every goes by so quickly:)

Bob Jain

Wow!....soooo cute!..congratulations!

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