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June 29, 2011


Maria Erdman

Jennifer, I laughed out loud when I read the sentence about your child spitting out the food you prepared for him. Been there!! Keep having fun!

Mitch Mitchell

How cute! I've always wondered if babies actually like and dislike foods up until a certain age since they seem to eat whatever you give them. Looks like you're having fun here.

Margaret @ Eat First

Timothy is beautiful -- congratulations! If you view feeding him as an adventure, I'm sure he will view eating as an adventure, too. Enjoy the journey.

Padre Mickey

When Tara and Anne were babies, we fed them whatever we were eating; we just put it in the food grinder and put it in their mouths. As a result, they were never fussy eaters and are adventurous to this day, as are their children.

It sounds like things are going well for you and yours.


I think the silliest thing all those books say is to not to feed babies anything with seasoning. I'm not saying to give them siracha infused food but if it isn't appealing to you it probably isn't appealing to them too. Let them try lots of different food. So long as they have acess to a variety of healthy food they will find food they like to eat. Another thing to watch out for is that some adventurous eaters early on hit a stubborn phase in the preschool years and stop eating all that great stuff you trained them early on. No worry if they keep being presented with good food eventually they will come back to it. A little Crunch and Munch never hurt anyone.


There are so many adventures associated with becoming a parent, including the food adventure. My children bedevil me with their fickle tastes! One day they love hot dogs as if their lives depended on them. The next day they have no use for hot dogs and why was I so silly as to think otherwise? I try not to imagine they'll be enticed into eating the special things I make for them, but occasionally I do fantasize that my efforts will yield empty plates and fervent thanks. Ha! I have managed to get them to eat all manner of fresh beets by demonstrating that beets turn your tongue really red when you eat them. It's a start. I think.


Neither of my boys liked pureed peas. But, they both love cooked whole peas. (Joe even likes asparagus!) So, take heart that once your little guy is eating finger foods, a whole new world of cuisine will open up!

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Great photo of you two!


Nice pic in the paper of you with the little guy and ice cream.

Jannah Prentiss

Awww, I bet he loved it because it was made with love from his mama.

Blue Promo

Beautiful! I love the pic of you two!

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