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June 05, 2011


Owen O'Neill

Yum. I dined at Dano's on Seneca a few weekends back (highly recommended.) They have assorted spreads that you order to accompany their excellent breads. Most are cream cheese based and one we tried that was quite tasty used pumpkin seed oil.

Kevin Hope

Great stuff! We are starting to see similar groups and projects here in Pennsylvania. I've been looking at some food business incubators, and there have been a lot of educational events happening on food production, specialty (commercial) farming, and the like. Always makes me happy to see things like this gaining momentum!


Hi Owen--would you believe I haven't been to Dano's in years? I seriously have to correct--maybe this summer. Thanks for letting us know about their link with the pumpkin seed oil.

Kevin--I'm not sure where you are in PA but I have to say the small food business incubators in our community are having an incredibly positive impact here. Glad to hear things are popping where you are as well!


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